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VisitDenmark * Yellow Pages, White Pages, Maps Tourist information*Telephone directory and more
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs * Denmark.dk Fine introduction in English * The official web site
Folketinget * The Danish Monarchy Our parliament  * The Royal Family and more
Danish Ministry of Education*Ministry of Defence Useful information for many
Yahoo! Countries, DK  * Cyndi´s List - Denmark More than 5000 links * Genealogy and more
Krak Adresses Addresses + phone + maps * figures
CIA World Fact Book - select Denmark  Map and important facts
Residence.dk  * Lonely Planet: Denmark Denmark by Steen Hartmann * Guide
VisitCopenhagen * AOK Visiting Copenhagen  Useful information for tourists
Library.dk  *  The Royal Library More than books
The COPENHAGEN Post  Danish News in English
Findvej.dk easy to use, even if it is in Danish Based on Google Maps and Google Earth

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